Do you avoid smiling because of misaligned teeth? Do you wish to improve your smile but hate the idea of metal braces? Looking for a solution here in the UAE? The answer is to use Clear Aligners Dubai.

You are at the right place!

Fixed orthodontic treatment is what orthodontists (specialist dentists who treat misaligned teeth) recommend for regularly placed teeth. But for those who despise the idea of having metal braces, we have the perfect solution for you.

We suggest Clear aligners for you, which can do the job without you having a “metal mouth”.

clear aligners dr hafsa alidrissi dubai


Clear aligners, just as the name suggests, is an orthodontic treatment done with clear braces. It aligns your teeth or corrects the gaps in your teeth with the help of virtually invisible appliances. These are transparent (look like bleaching trays) which are customized accurately according to your teeth anatomy.

These trays are removable and have to be worn for a certain number of hours a day to work their magic. Clear aligners can correct crowding and  irregular arrangement of your teeth as well as gaps in your teeth.

Crowded teeth not only look unsightly but also cause other problems, since they are difficult to brush, plaque and calculus tend to deposit within their overlapping edges.

This causes several gum problems leading to periodontal diseases, which can be bad for your teeth in the long run. Many people have problems with their bite like overbite, increased overjet, crossbite, or even open bite, right from their childhood.

These may be caused due to some harmful childhood habits like thumb sucking. Clear aligners correct these problems and restore harmony in your teeth while improving your appearance considerably.

There’s more!

If you are looking to improve your smile we perform a smile designing for your teeth and correct your smile with aesthetic procedures along with clear aligners!! Why is this good news? Because, just using aesthetic dental treatment like laminates, veneers, crowns, etc. for iregular teeth may not solve your problem for long term and may create several
issue for you i n the future.

We use clear aligners in Dubai to align your teeth i f they are crowded, have gaps, overlapping, have problems with the bite, etc. In conjunction to this we provide the aesthetic treatment. This i s not only faster than conventional treatment but also provides you a scientifically backed treatment which would last you a lifetime!!

This procedure provides a simple and smooth method of straightening your teeth with virtually invisible appliances without you having to deal with “rail tracks” or bulky metal wires. There i s no pain or discomfort which are normally experienced with traditional braces.

Various studies performed by researchers have shown great improvement in gum health with the Clear aligners treatment Dentistry has revolutionized in a lot of ways. No more do you need bulky metal braces or painful retainers needing constant adjustments, to get your teeth straightened. You can get orthodontic treatment without having to forsake your favorite chicken leg!

clear aligners dr hafsa alidrissi


So stop overthinking and get Clear aligners today for the perfect dazzling smile!

Dr Hafsa Alidrissi is a dentist and a certified expert in snoring and sleep apnea in Dubai and can advise you on the best solution for your needs. She is an expert with Clear Aligners in Dubai.

Please contact her now to book a consultation.

You can find out more information clear aligners HERE

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