Dental bridges are fixed prosthodontic treatment, which involves replacing the missing tooth with a fake
tooth, set to the neighbouring natural teeth using crowns. Like in a bridge, two pillars support the hanging
portion; dental bridges have two or more crowns fixed on the adjacent natural tooth to support the fake
middle tooth called pontic attached to them. These bridges are customized and fabricated in the laboratory
to fit the teeth perfectly and are fixed; hence cannot be removed by the patient.

dental bridges dr hafsa alidrissi dubai
Why do I need dental bridges?

Anyone who has his/her front or back teeth missing can avail dental bridges as long they have healthy
teeth on both sides of the missing tooth or teeth. One can have more than one teeth replaced as well.
A dentist will need to evaluate the adjoining teeth for support. It is essential to replace missing teeth as
it improves the overall appearance considerably if replacing front teeth. Furthermore, gaps in posterior
teeth can be very detrimental as they affect speech and hinder proper chewing. Due to missing teeth,
the chewing forces are improperly distributed among the other teeth putting inadvertent stresses and
ultimately leading to the weakening of gums and periodontal breakdown.

How long will it take?

The procedure for bridges typically takes place in two to three appointments. Your dentist prepares your
healthy teeth (by reducing them in size), which will hold the bridge, takes the impression to be sent to
the lab for crown fabrication. This process may take from 45 minutes to a maximum of an hour. Once the
dental impression and models are sent to the dental labs, they manufacture your bridge to fit your teeth.
In the second appointment, after the lab fabricates the prosthesis, it is cemented onto your teeth. There
may be a gap of a week or more between the two visits depending on the time taken by the lab to prepare
your bridge. With recent technological breakthroughs in dentistry and the introduction of CAD-CAM
systems, many dental clinics provide the advantage of delivering the final prosthesis within a short period.

How long to recover? When can I get back to work?

There is no recovery period as this procedure is absolutely non-invasive and painless. You will not feel like
an artificial tooth is in place and the bridge will feel completely natural. You can go to work immediately
after without worry.

dental bridges dr hafsa alidrissi dubai

What should the patient do before the treatment?

There are no pre-procedural instructions to be followed as such. You may try to avoid chewing on hard
food before your final bridge is cemented.

What should the patient do after the treatment?

You may be advised to refrain from eating or drinking anything for an hour immediately after your bridge
is cemented. This allows the cement used to fix the bridge, to set completely so that the bridge cannot
get dislodged. But it is important to keep your bridge clean just as your would your natural teeth. Proper
flossing is of paramount importance to keep your bridges clean and disease-free.


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