Digital Intraoral Scanning vs. Conventional Impressions: Time to evolve

Dental impressions and models of the jaws are essential for orthodontists, prosthodontists, implantologists, and all dentists, in fact, for treatment planning, fabrication of appliances, surgical template, orthodontic analysis, etc. Conventional impressions using dental materials like alginate, impression compounds, elastomeric materials, etc., have long been used. Digital dentistry is the way forward for a better experience for the patient.

Recent technological advances have introduced intraoral scanners into dental practice for impression-making and creating digital models. Intraoral scanners (IOS) are devices for capturing direct optical impressions in dentistry. These are increasingly gaining popularity with dental practitioners worldwide as they are a promising alternative to conventional impressions.

This has been made possible due to the advent of CAD-CAM systems to fabricate prostheses and 3-D printing. These systems utilize digital scans to create the prosthesis with almost 100% accuracy and precision.

Digital Dentistry Dr Hafsa Alidrissi Dubai

Why should I choose Digital Dentistry Dubai instead of conventional impressions?

Digital scanners have several advantages over conventional impressions.

Ease of use: Conventional impressions are slowly becoming a thing of the past with the advent of digital intraoral scanners, which are easier to use, quick, and not at all technique-sensitive, unlike conventional impressions, which take a lot of skill to be performed correctly.

Less patient discomfort: Intraoral scanning minimizes patient discomfort experienced during conventional physical impressions owing to the materials positioned on impression trays and inserted into the mouth, which cause gaging and coughing for a lot of patients.

Time-saving: Intraoral scanners have helped skip the steps of mixing of materials, tray-loading, insertion, waiting for the material to set before removal; as a result, saving a lot of chairside time. When considering remaking the impression, studies reported that total clinical treatment time is reduced using an intraoral scanner.

Accurate reproduction of details: Digital impressions capture even inaccessible areas of the oral cavity, hence can reproduce minute details that cannot always be recorded with all conventional impression materials with the first attempt.

Transmit to dental technicians instantly: All you need is fast-speed internet, and you can transmit the digital scans to the lab technicians almost immediately, even without any need of sending stone models, which tend to break during transit!!

Eliminate fabrication errors: Digital scanning removes any errors in the prosthesis, which can occur due to distortion of impression material, expansion of plaster, deviation when attaching a model to an articulator, and casting shrinkage.

Patient and operator’s preference: Since it eliminates messy dental materials that are undesirable to patients and cumbersome for the operator, patients and dentists both often prefer intraoral scanner.

Time efficiency: A full arch scan may typically take 3–5 mins to perform and transferred within minutes to the technician, saving a lot of time lost in transit. Additionally, in case of any errors, scans can be instantly redone within minutes without any hassles. No need for cleaning impressions trays, rubber bowl, spatula, later, saving time again!

Better communication with patients: Digital impressions make patients feel more involved in their treatment and establish more effective communication with them.

Digital dentistry in Dubai provides all of these key advantages for the patient.

As with anything new, there is always a learning curve that needs to be considered. Older clinicians with less experience and interest in technology generally find adopting new technology more complex than tech-savvy clinicians.

But just as Darwin said, in the race of evolution, it is always the fittest who survives. To be the fittest (figuratively), we need to upgrade ourselves and keep evolving to keep ourselves abreast of newer technologies in trend. That’s the only way to remain successful in this extremely competitive and fast-changing field of dentistry.

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