You may have heard many people undergoing a “Root canal,” and the mere mention of root canal treatment
can make you scared. But it is not a painful procedure as believed by most people. Dentists prefer root
canal therapy as it is considered to be a painless procedure to conserve your tooth. If you have severe pain
in your teeth, do not worry. It can be saved without extraction with a root canal treatment !!

Root Canal Dr Hafsa Alidrissi Dubai

What is a Root canal treatment?

Like any part of our body, our tooth has nerves and blood vessels in the deepest area of the tooth, known
as the pulp. When dental decay or caries reaches the pulp of your tooth, that is when you experience pain.
With root canal treatment (RCT), it is possible to preserve your tooth in your mouth in a healthy and
functional condition. In this procedure, the tooth’s infected pulp is removed from the root canals of the
tooth, disinfected, and filled with a material to restore the crown portion of the tooth to its original form.

Why do I need it?

If you have a decayed tooth whose infection has reached the pulp (indicated by the presence of pain,
swelling, and from X-rays), you can get this treatment done. This therapy helps you get rid of your pain
and infection by removing the decayed tissues from your tooth. When a crown is placed after the root
canal treatment, it provides strength to the tooth, restoring its normal function. You can chew with it just
like your natural teeth without any pain or symptom. With numerous advancements in modern dentistry,
root canal treatment is not a particularly uncomfortable treatment and provides immediate relief to your
pain. Your tooth is numbed with anesthesia so that you can be comfortable during the procedure, and the
recovery is quick, too, with infrequent complications.

How long will it take?

Your dentist can perform your root canal treatment in single or multiple appointments, depending on the
severity of the infection. Advanced dental treatment equipment like rotary and ultrasonics have made it
possible to complete root canal treatment in a single appointment that too pain-free. However, you may
need a separate appointment for crown fixation after the treatment.

Root Canal Dr Hafsa Alidrissi Dubai

What should the patient do before the treatment?

Root canal treatment is a relatively comfortable treatment. Your tooth will be numbed for the procedure,
and you wouldn’t be able to eat for an hour or so after the process. So, it is better not to be on an empty
stomach when you arrive for your appointment rather eat well before it. Other than that, you do not have
to do much!


How long to recover? When can I get back to work?

The best thing about root canal treatment is that you can eat anything you want, just as you would with
your natural teeth after your root canal treatment. The crown makes the tooth looks completely natural.
Since the procedure is performed under local anesthesia, you are not likely to feel any pain (except in very
extraordinary situations). Hence, you can go back to your office right after your appointment.


What should the patient do after the treatment?

Your dentist may advise you to refrain from eating or drinking anything for an hour or so after your
appointment. Subsequent to that, you may eat and drink normally. You can also avoid chewing hard foods
like nuts, candies, etc., on the side of the tooth under treatment.



Having a root canal is an important process and so it is vital that you book a regular visit to the dentist to checkup
on your teeth.

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