What is the treatment for Veneers in Dubai?

Dental veneers are thin shells of ceramic, zirconia, or composite resin customized to fit over teeth for a
natural, aesthetic appearance. They are used to treat chipped, stained, malaligned, attrited, uneven, or
spaced teeth.

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Why do I need it?

Veneers are a quick and straightforward way to help patients fix their smile, correct diastema, or improve
the appearance of crooked chipped, or discoloured teeth quickly.

How long will it take, for Veneers in Dubai?

Teeth preparation for veneers need minimal tooth reduction. The dentist prepares the teeth by reducing
a little bit from the tooth’s front surface and takes the dental impression. Models are crafted from these
impressions and sent to the lab, where the veneers are fabricated and cemented on teeth. So these can
be completed in a minimum of 2 appointments; one for tooth preparation and the second for fixation of
the veneers. The time between the two appointments depends on how long the lab takes to fabricate the
veneers, a few days to a week or more.

Types of veneers

Veneers can be of two types: direct and indirect veneers.

Direct Veneers are directly fabricated on teeth surfaces and are made of a composite resin material
applied directly to your teeth. The dentist first prepares the teeth like routine veneer preparation. He/she
then uses composite material on the prepared surface to create a direct composite veneer on the tooth
surface. These do not provide aesthetics as indirect veneers.

Indirect Veneers are fabricated in the lab and cemented over the tooth surface. They can be of different
materials like Feldspathic veneers, Zirconia veneers, and E.max veneers that provide vibrant and natural
looks while being durable.

Veneers Dubai Dr Hafsa Alidrissi Dubai

What should the patient do before the treatment?

There are no pre-procedural instructions to be followed as such. You may try to avoid chewing on hard
food before your final bridge is cemented.

What should the patient do after the treatment?

You may be advised to refrain from eating or drinking anything for an hour immediately after your
veneer(s) is attached. This allows the bonding glue used to fix the veneer(s), to set completely so that
the veneer cannot get dislodged. But it is important to keep your veneer(s) clean just as your would your
natural teeth. Proper flossing is of paramount importance to keep your veneer(s) clean and disease-free.

Who Am I?

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