I’m Dr Hafsa Alidrissi

Dr Hafsa is a certified Consultant Prosthodontist and passionate about her patients and their care. She has a strong understanding of general and cosmetic dentistry with over 12 years of experience in her field. The Dr is an expert in implants, limited orthodontics, dentures, veneers, dental surgery and general aesthetics. Dr Hafsa has a strong interest in digital technology and is a pioneer of new techniques to increase the quality of care, speed and patient satisfaction. Fellowship in temporomandibular disorder (TMD) orofacial pain and dental sleep medicine.

Dental Bridges
Removing your teeth might be a shattering experience that may have a direct effect on self-esteem due to its effect on aesthetics, mastication, and speech.
Dental Implants`
An implant replaces a missing tooth and consists of several parts. The implant body is an artificial tooth root, which is placed in the jaw bone.
Digital Smile Design
Digital smile design is a groundbreaking concept that allows your dentist to use your facial and dental proportions to map out a smile that perfects your unique features.
Cosmetic Dentistry
A perfect Smile has a great influence on one's personality & one's ability to interact with people. get the smile you always dreamed of.
Porcelain Veneers / Ceramic veneers are one of the most famous dental cosmetic procedures, resulting in a complete makeover for your smile.
Teeth Whitening
Our teeth work as a mirror, reflecting our diet, lifestyle and even health, the color of our teeth is influenced by these factors that might lead to tooth discoloration,.
TMJ Disorders
Jaw pain can be a sign of a serious dental condition known as Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ)
Sleep Apnea
Unlock peaceful nights with personalized sleep apnea solutions for restful sleep and enhanced health.

Publications/Case Studies/Additional Material

A 38 year old male patient had the primary complaint of pain when chewing and interproximal food impaction after a relapse of teeth movement, post orthodontic treatment 8 years ago. The patient’s medical history did not reveal any systemic diseases. Upon intra-oral clinical assessment, findings revealed rotation of the maxillary left premolars and interproximal spacing. Intra-oral biting radiographs revealed occlusal-distal (OD) caries of both premolars.


Single Visit Dentistry Using CAD/CAM Celtra Duo, INSIGHT MAGAZINE, ISSUE 03 2018


  • Clinical Case Sample Celtra duo Sirona, first to Use in the Middle East.
  • Sleep apnea and snoring non-invasive treatments, GULF NEWS

2009 – 2012

  • Postdoctoral Research in Flexural Strength Of Provisional Resin Materials (INVITRO STUDY)
  • Aesthetic Rehabilitation Of Anterior Teeth With Laminate Veneers, AL SIHA WATEB, United Arab Emirates Journal, Nov.2015
Consultant Prosthodontist, CAD/CAM Specialist, Member Of The American Academy of Fixed Prosthodontics


Dr. Rami Hamed Center [DRHC] is a multi-specialty day case hospital excelling in providing the best of patient care and ranging from General Medicine to Complex Surgical specialties. DRHC was established in the first quarter of 2014 by its founding Director Dr. Rami Hamed. DRHC aims to focus on the good quality of healthcare services by providing latest innovational and operational excellence.
Dr. Hafsa Alidrissi

Dental Tips

from your dentist in Dubai
  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day!
  • Visit your dentist once in every 6 months
  • Don’t Forget to Floss!
  • Limit sugary foods
  • Brush thoroughly by gently
  • Limit the use of sugary drinks
  • Use fluoridated toothpaste
  • Protect your teeth a night using a mouth guard