Hi, I am Irena and im coming from Macedonia. I had pain in my tooth and bleeding from my gums from a long time. So i visited Dr. Hafsa in Noor Al Wasl clinic. Thanks to her knowledge, good service and the right treatment, my problems are all fixed now. Im very thankful to her and all the staff working in Noor al Wasl Clinic.

Nano is the best dental care product so I’m  happy with my smile from the second session I noticed the difference really it was a very nice experience thank you Dr. Hafsa ?❤

Congratulations than keep going???
Nessma Chedli

Dr Hafsa is a caring, gentle and a simply amazing dentist. She is very informative as she explains every step of the procedures and the pros and cons to it. I never found an explanation/solution to my bleeding gums, until I decided to pay her a visit! I am glad that I did, as she finally fixed the hidden problem that even an X-ray couldn’t detect!
Noor Faisal

افضل دكتورة تم التعامل معها، و ماهرة في عملها ، وافهمهم في مهنتها، واضافه قوية لمركز الوصل. اتمنى لكم التوفيق
Bin Muftah

I have been visiting Dr Hafsa for several months and I am evaluating her as a colleague from the same profession and not only as a patient.

Dr Hafssa is sincere in her work and gives enough time to her patients. All my fillings are done perfectly  and with good quality, 

She is treating members of my family and I have nominated her to many of my friends and relatives. 

It is interesting to know that i am visiting Dr Hafssa from Ras al Khaimah, and I don’t mind coming from such far place for a trusted and perfect work.

Aaesha Alnuaimi

I would like to share my recent experience with Dr Hafsa Idrisi, Consultant  Prosthodontist.
I was impressed with her extremely professional approach to the patients. 
She clearly explained the existing problems and plan of management. She completed her job on time as was promised at the beginning of my first appointment. And the outcome of the treatment was excellent.
Later I arranged an appointment for my husband for a dental check-up and teeth whitening. He was also very pleased with dr Hafsa’s service.
Thank you for everything you have done for us and May God Always Bless you with good health.
We wish you all the best.
Dr Malika Falasi and family 
Dr Malika Falasi

The first experience I had with Dr Hafsa was when I had pain that made me not even sleep, and she was the best gift that day, that I went home and slept like a baby after her treatment, as her hands made manically and they were very very light that I didn’t even feel that something was done to my teeth.

I can’t really say enough to describe Dr Hafsa‘s gentle and soft way of greeting me and making me feel relaxed, although every single time I visited her I, had pain that no one can take, but after few minutes under her hands the pain disappears. Thanks, Dr Hafsa.

Yours Zeina Nazih
Zeina Nazih

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