An implant prosthesis is a dental prosthesis supported by dental implants. This treatment option is used
to replace missing teeth with the help of implants. The first step is implant placement, following which
the prosthesis is fabricated and placed. It is a custom replacement tooth supported by the implant and
will mimic your natural tooth.

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Implant prostheses can be of different types, and the type of prostheses indicated is to be decided by the
dentist after a comprehensive examination. The various kinds of implant-supported prostheses based on
the material used to make them are Metal-acrylic resin, Metal-Ceramic, All-Ceramic, etc.

Why do I need it?

Implant prosthesis replaces your natural tooth and is created to mimic your original teeth completely. This
custom replacement of your lost tooth looks and feels entirely like your original tooth and is fixed over
your implant. The implant tightly anchors this prosthesis to the bone, acting as the root of the tooth. Thus
an implant prosthesis is necessary to complete the coronal part of the implant. It also helps rehabilitate
functions of chewing, talking, etc.

How long will it take?

The procedure for Implant prosthesis is similar to that of standard crown or bridge procedures. The
dentist will take the impressions, create models and send them to the lab to fabricate custom prostheses.
In the next appointment, this prosthesis is fixed over the implant. This may require 1-3 appointments and
involves no painful or invasive procedures.

There is no recovery period as this procedure is absolutely non-invasive and painless. You will not feel like
an artificial tooth is in place and the bridge will feel completely natural. You can go to work immediately
after without worry. The number of teeth missing determines the type of implant prosthesis that is needed.
Like a single tooth can be replaced with a single crown. Multiple teeth may need bridges or implant-supported
dentures. This will also determine the time and number of appointments necessary

implant prosthesis dr hafsa alidrissi dubai

What should the patient do before the treatment?

There are no pre-procedural instructions to be followed as such. You may try to avoid chewing on hard
food before your final bridge is cemented.

What should the patient do after the treatment?

You may be advised to refrain from eating or drinking anything for an hour immediately after your bridge
is cemented. This allows the cement used to fix the bridge, to set completely so that the bridge cannot
get dislodged. But it is important to keep your bridge clean just as your would your natural teeth. Proper
flossing is of paramount importance to keep your bridges clean and disease-free.

Who Am I?

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