Smile Design Dubai

Smile design in Dubai is a cosmetic treatment that can transform your smile and improve appearance by
achieving the perfect proportions and symmetry of teeth. This is usually accomplished with veneers,
composite bonding, crowns, teeth whitening, and even implants. Digital software is used to create 3D
models and simulations of the final smile that is required. Several factors need to be considered before
designing the final smile, like skin tone, facial appearance, profile, the color of gums and tissues, etc. The
treating doctor evaluates the facial profile and proportions to design the teeth arrangement so that the
final smile looks as natural as possible.

smile design in dubai dr hafsa alidrissi

Why do I need it?

Discoloration and staining of teeth, broken or chipped off teeth, uneven arrangement, or crowding can
leave your smile looking unseemly. So anyone suffering from decayed teeth, plaque, staining, malaligned
and loose teeth can opt for smile designing to achieve a perfect smile line. Discolored teeth may make
you look aged, while a well-shaped bright set of teeth makes your smile appear perfect. Spaced, uneven,
broken, and overlapped teeth can be evenly straightened with the help of veneers. A missing tooth can be
replaced with the use of implants or fixed prostheses. Smile design in Dubai not only focuses on your teeth but
also makes your lips and cheek look fuller to give you a perfect makeover.

How long will it take?

Creating a perfect smile using smile designing may need a combination of orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry,
oral surgery, orthognathic surgery, and periodontal surgery. Indirect restorations will be a part of the final
treatment plan and involve the dental technicians and lab support for the final restorations like veneers,
crowns, implant prostheses, etc.

Smile designing involves understanding the patient’s expectations from the treatment and evaluating
various face parameters. An exhaustive analysis of your original smile, natural teeth through photographs
and videos, along with the assessment of the individual’s personality, is done. Intraoral scans are also
taken. Following this, digital smile designing software is used to create 3D models and simulate your
desired smiles. The final appearance is discussed with the patients, and their recommendations are taken.

The entire procedure requires multiple appointments and may take few weeks to months, to complete
depending on the methods to be undertaken. Your dentist will discuss the treatment at length with you
and provide you a timHow long to recover? When can I get back to work?

Most of the procedures undertaken in smile designing are non-invasive, so you may not need any downtime
and may rejoin work immediately. However, if implant surgery is included, you may take a week or more to
resume normal activities. Other surgical procedures like gum surgery may also need a week or two of the
recovery period.


smile design dr hafsa alidrissi

What should the patient do before the treatment?

Before the smile design in Dubai it is good to refrain from smoking, alcohol consumption, and other harmful
habits like nail-biting, etc., before beginning smile designing procedures, especially if any surgical procedure
is planned. It is essential to take good care of your oral hygiene and develop a habit that can be continued long

What should the patient do after the treatment?

It is crucial to take good care of your oral hygiene; brushing and flossing twice daily and regular dental
visits are the key.

Who Am I?

Dr Hafsa Alidrissi is a dentist and a certified expert in oral health and digital dentistry in Dubai and can
advise you on best practices regarding looking after your mouth and teeth.

Please contact her now to book a consultation. Contact details can be found HERE.

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